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Three weeks with my D7100

With the help of a few friends, hours of YouTube tutorials and a few classes, I've had the most incredible time getting to know my new Nikon D7100. I purchased the camera body along with an 18-140mm lens, external flash and memory card about three weeks ago and although there are a ton of features, have found it much easier to manage than I had originally anticipated. The guys at Henry's helped me out with a protective filter for my lens (one scratch and it's toast!) and set my camera to shoot RAW instead of JPG. 

I found a number of tutorials and threads on both YouTube and forums that suggested shooting in different modes but am personally shooting manual so I can better familiarize myself with how the shutter speed, aperture (f-stop) and ISO work together to establish the right exposure. Adjusting these settings for whatever setting you may be shooting in is difficult at this stage but I try to spend as much time as I can shooting both in and outdoors, in different light, taking 100s of shots so I can go back to them when I upload to Photoshop. Understanding depth of field, movement, and highlighting the focus point are some of the things i've been experimenting with, so referencing back to the settings helps me better adjust to get the shot that I want. 

You can check out some of the pictures i've taken so far by clicking here

- V