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I don't typically go out on Thursday nights (that's a lie) but last night Kim and I decided to go out with a few people and hit Warehouse on Queen before Wildflower with C&C - last night was a product of inside jokes that lead to us laughing hysterically all night. OoOps.

Fast forward to this morning, I roll over to check my Instagram and find out this dope shot of mine was regram'd and featured as a weekly fave on Sticks and Stones!! I think Ainsley and her hubby are just heaps of sunshine and rainbows and they're super rad for giving individuals like myself a platform to express creativity, passion, emotion and everything in between. 

I love this shot that Anil took of me and the way he was able to incorporate the fun colors and moody yet playful vibes. We've worked together countless times and the results keep getting better and better. Check out more from Anil, here, and check out my feed.

Our fave #postmypicsticks pics of the week are up!! This one via @veronikastealz ❤️😍

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