I think it's safe to say that no matter who and where you are in the world today, we are all inspired by someone or something that is found on social media. Whether it's cooking, fashion inspiration or a page that features some of the most beautiful flowers (@floretflower), it's important to fill your downtime with images that represent a realistic and productive sense of reality.  I recently made a pact with myself to unfollow all of the accounts the promote negative lifestyles or images that tend to lower one's confidence and/or self esteem. Learning to love the skin you're in can be a challenge for young women (and men) so I think it's important to aspire to good role models, if you're looking to any at all. Because I am a sucker for Instagram (sorry, Snapchat) I've compiled a short but sweet list of super down the earth bloggers, personalities and travelling gurus who I've come to follow while scrolling through the 'gram.