After what feels like the longest break from blogging, I am getting back into the action and am going to try to recap everything i've been up to over the past couple of months. On top of moving, travelling back and forth from Los Angeles and Toronto, working alongside a number of different companies and trying to establish my career path in the next four to six months, I have dedicated a significant amount of time to practicing yoga, reading every single book written by Deepak Chopra and changing my lifestyle habits. If you know me personally, you've probably picked up on the fact that I rarely go out in the nightclub scene anymore. It wasn't a choice I made overnight, but I feel like the changes that have come as a result of staying in have changed my life in a dramatic way. Not only have I found a new passion for so many different hobbies - like cooking, dance, and my personal favourite, yoga - but I've also taken the time to get to know my body in a way that I had previously never explored. If you follow me on social media, you've probably noticed that I stopped 'shooting' in Toronto for the most part. To be completely honest, it's not because I have given up on working with creatives; I am simply looking for a new path to explore my creativity and put my energy towards new ideas that will not only further my ability to work with the people and brands I love, but to also allow those that I surround myself with to grow with me. I turned 22 this year, and for some reason it has been one of the most eyeopening years so far. Last year I went through a really bad break up - it changed me, left me in a rut and eventually I put up so many walls, I basically lived in my own bubble. I knew that in order to grasp ahold of the world around me and further my understanding of who I am as an individual in this environment that is constantly blurred, I needed to take some time for myself. And so here I am, laying it all out in a couple hundred words, hoping you are all still around to follow me on my journey. 

Cheers to Summer Sixteen!