Getting a tattoo can be nerve-racking. I remember when I got my first one and almost bailed at the last minute. There's an incredible and overwhelming feeling that goes through your body when you realize what you're about to do will last forever. Have you ever had somebody tell you to "draw the tattoo on yourself for a month and see if you still want it"? I wouldn't recommend going that far, but make sure it's worth it. Although, i've seen some pretty cool coverups over the past few weeks.

I have to give a special shoutout to Forever Young Ink, a tattoo and piercing shop home to Queen Street West in Toronto. While they specialize in portrait, black and grey, realism, Asian traditional and Chicano styles, the knowledgeable staff and artists are there throughout the step-by-step process so you get the perfect result. The open-concept shop is inviting and the environment is full of good vibes, which makes you feel comfortable - and in good hands (pun intended). 

Owner Lee Baxter has quite the eye, and as a result, the shop has been home to a number of artists who have helped shape the foundation of why so many people keep coming back to FY. With a lineup of artists that approach their canvas in a different way, this lends to variety, but also the opportunity to experience something new every time you pop in. 

The newest artist to join the team is Higor Sales. He recently moved to Toronto from Brazil to pursue his passion for tattooing and I had the chance to get both of my script tattoos done by him. His drawing skills are out of this world, and this translates in his work. Although I don't have any portrait or realism tattoos in mind, I am blown away at the talent that some people have to bring life to a blank canvas. Not to mention, someone's skin. You can check out some of Higor's work, here.