Her work has been featured on everything from blank walls, cars, and people, but for the first time, you can own a piece of Shantell Martin’s collection, inspired by the city of Toronto.

In anticipation of the upcoming arrival of Saks Canada, Martin hosted an evening of interactive art in November 2015 with the help of District 28 events. Here she created six canvases that make up Drawing Toronto. They are now being featured at Coldstream Fine Art.

Shantell Martin is characterized for her use of lines to create a combination of flowing images that are thought provoking for her audience. Originally from London, she established herself in the art world as a performance artist in Japan before moving to New York in 2008. Her trademark black on white is something she adapted to avoid directing the eye with the use of color. This allows each viewer to experience the art in different way.

"The pieces were created live in front of an audience. This event was not open to the public so I first wanted to have the pieces in a space where everyone who wanted to see them could," Martin responds to email questions. "Cold Stream Fine Art was a great fits for this. They are young, contemporary and have a great eye."

Nude York by Reka Nyari at Coldstream Fine Art

A private opening reception was held on February 4th, welcoming guests for an inside look before the exhibit opens to the public on February 6th. The gallery, nestled on the second floor of 80 Spadina Ave., is a contemporary space that highlights elements of the Fashion and Entertainment District.  Since opening in 2015, the space has featured a number of exhibits, including Nude York by Reka Nyari, and most recently, Bite Me by Erin Rothstein.

Although Martin could not be in attendance, Director Kariv Oretsky shared insight on the collection and how the collaboration came to be.

"[Shantell] told us that she isn’t represented by any art galleries anywhere and typically doesn’t do commercial gallery shows. Her typical format is to do large-scale installation pieces and interactive performance art." Oretsky says. "We jumped at the chance to show Shantell's work here."

Visit Coldstream Fine Art, 80 Spadina Ave. Suite 208. The display runs until March 12th, 2016.