I'll never forget the first time I saw The Weeknd live. The secret show at the MOD Club took place over five years ago on July 24th, 2011. Everytime I listen to a track or think back to the times i'd wait up all night for a mixtape drop, I get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. It's one of the most incredible feelings and i'll never forget how much my friends ragged on me for repping XO when no one had any clue he would go so far in his career. 

I've known about Allan Rayman for a couple of years now. My friend Anneliese was in one of his first music videos and I thought it was so cool that she got to be apart of it. Everything from the production, to his original sound and the creepy wolf masks grasped my attention and reminded me of the many reasons why I became hooked on Abel's music. Over the years I found out more about Allan's background and learned about his roots in the city of Toronto. My friend Alec out in LA who works with Post Malone is also a big fan and i'll never forget the time we cruised down Sunset Blvd this summer, taking in everything that made his music so fascinating to listen to. 

When I found out that Allan was going on tour and was going to perform his first Toronto show, I had to be there. After a nearly two month wait before the show date, I was so excited it almost made me sick. We showed up to The Royal Cinema on College Street and to my surprise, there was no line. So after waiting for twenty minutes, I got my hands on front row seats and had time of my life. I really hope I didn't piss anyone off by shouting every single one of his lyrics but I couldn't contain the energy I'd been holding in over the years and wanted everyone - especially Allan - to know that he has some pretty die hard fans and his music truly resonated with me.

I've put a few links to Allan's soundcloud below, so head on over and give him a follow and support him by downloading his albums/singles on Apple Music.