I've never been a huge fan of DIY but I am obsessed with candles. I'm also a big supporter of independent businesses (and even more so when they're owned by a friend) so I couldn't pass up the offer when my friend Marie invited me to her sister's first Toronto workshop for her candle company, Flores Lane

A little bit of background info: Flores Lane came together when Liz Coyles and Trish Baden learned to make their own soy wax candles in their LA home and started selling them on Etsy. They initially started in West Hollywood, but sourced different scents that reflected the ambiance of areas across the city. Tobacco and Bay Leaf in DTLA, Orange and Grapefruit in WEHO, and they have since expanded to include New York City inspired scents, and even a scent in support of Lyme Disease.

The Toronto workshop was hosted by Lululemon Toronto and featured five Toronto scents: The Beaches, Queen Street West, Yorkville, Parkdale and The Annex. However, we got the chance to create our own candle scent and had the option to choose whatever area in the city we wanted. There were treats and turmeric teas and I got to meet some really cool people who were also first time candle makers. We learned some cool tips about candle making, like burning your candle until the entire top layer of the candle is melted, and trimming your wick each time you light so it burns properly.

Interested in doing-it-yourself? Sign up for upcoming workshops on their site, here.