I love visiting cities I've never been to before! When I was a young gal, my family used to drive down to Florida a couple of times a year when my grandparents had a timeshare (it was reduced to rubble during hurricane Charley in 2004) in Fort Lauderdale. I loved the scenic routes and following the map to see how many states we made our way across. When we stopped going, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina became our next go-to destination and I have so many incredible memories hanging out at the beach, crab fishing and spending time with my cousins. I've been blessed with many incredible opportunities to travel and see parts of North America - and the rest of the world - that I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to see with my own eyes. Now, in the internet age, planning a trip is even more exciting solely due to the fact that you can research your final destination through relevant hashtags on social media. I found some of the coolest bars (Graffiti Bar), restaurants (El Vez) and sights to see (LOVE Sculpture, Waterfront) from looking at Location tags on Instagram and I'm a huge fan of services like Airbnb, which help you find the right accommodations in a specific area to get a more local experience. 

We decided on a spontaneous trip to Philadelphia during Black Friday and American Thanksgiving weekend and with only a few days to get myself familiarized with the city, I must say I was pretty overwhelmed with everything I got to do. From the art, to the rich history and the delicious food, I can't believe it took me 22 years to visit Philly.

Here are a few pictures from my trip.