The anticipation leading up to this past weekend's festivities was undoubtedly worth it but above all, Toronto can close another chapter of the Street Dreams Magazine (@streetdreamsmag) collection feeling inspired. There hasn't been an ISSUE. launch in Toronto since May 2015, where the SDM crew was joined by Ta-ku (@takubeats) for the release of 006. With that being said, I think it's safe to say that their presence in the city was long overdue. While ISSUE. 006 featured a number of Toronto creatives, including a cover shot by Elie (@visionelie), this time around, the group behind SDM decided to feature six photographers who are native to Ontario, with one exception from Chicago. An evening release party at Free Agency (@free) in collaboration with The Creator Class (@thecreatorclass) brought together a variety of creatives who meshed cohesively with the help of sounds by BEVSTMODE (@bevstmode), an interactive pop-up studio space and a first-look at some of the featured images by the artists found in ISSUE. 011. With a guest list that boasted over 600 RSVPs, it was an event that will be hard to top before the year ends.

The following afternoon, SDM hosted an intimate discussion at DAIS (@daiscreates) on Queen St. W where founders Steve (@stevesweatpants) and Eric (@ericveloso) broke down the issue and shared some of their creative insight on how it was put together. By acknowledging some of images included and what stood out for them in particular, it was an eye-opening experience for some of the things future contributors should pay attention to, including but not limited to shadows, understanding light and structural composition. As they hinted at minor details surrounding their upcoming rebrand, the group will be focusing on editorials, brand collaborations, and highlighting new talent that catches their attention through social media and relevant hashtags. The biggest take away from the afternoon was the significance of authenticity and working with the tools and networks you have to push your content beyond the boundaries of social media. Here the challenge lies in creating a portfolio of work that will speak to people in a number of different ways, similar to what they have done with previous issues, and now, ISSUE. 011. When the question of the magazine as a medium was brought to the forefront of the conversation, it was interesting to hear both Steve and Eric's perspective on what Street Dreams Magazine means to them and how it has fueled a community of people who are working to express themselves as they grow on a rather ongoing basis. 

Here are a few of my (iPhone) shots from the past few days. A huge shoutout to everyone I met for the first time and all of the familiar faces who I have not crossed paths with in forever. It's been an absolute pleasure and I can't wait to do it all again.  #VIBES


Keep an eye out for ISSUE. 011, which is expected to become available for purchase on November 25th.