Coldstream Fine Art is a contemporary gallery space located in Toronto's Fashion and Entertainment District. After recently opening in 2015, the gallery, nestled on the second floor of 80 Spadina Avenue, has featured many exhibits, including Nude York: Reka Nyari and Vice & Virtue: Jeremy Penn. Director Kariv Oretsky has created an environment that allows artists to showcase their work in a way that transforms the space to accommodate the overall experience.

I was recently provided the opportunity to shoot at Coldstream while Erin Rothstein's Bite Me exhibit was up. My obsession with art and food came together magically and overall, it was an exciting way to work in a new space. Although the exhibit is now closed, you can check out some of the images from the shoot, below, and here

STAY TUNED! Coldstream Fine Art will host "Drawing Toronto," an exhibition of six new works on canvas by Shantell Martin. The opening reception is scheduled for February 6th. Details, here.