Three things you should know before we get to know each other any further:
1. I wear a lot of black.
2. YSL Lipsticks > everything.
3. I love nails!

I wouldn't say it's a signature leather jacket or a go-to pair of booties kind of accessory, but having the perfect manicure is like wearing a bright lip to make your outfit p0p. I've been getting my nails done for as long as I can remember; experimenting with the shape, length and colour, often as a reflection of my mood or the look I'm trying to achieve. Whether there is an upcoming event, change of season, or a new outfit in my closet, I can always find an excuse to get together with my girlfriends (and my gays!) to get our nails done. 

Because I have thin hands, my dad used to tell me that wearing dark colours made my hands look 'old'. Although I'm not exactly sure what he meant by this, it kind of stuck with me. Recently, the darkest colour I would wear on my nails is a deep red or matte grey. I try to stick with colours that I like - nude is probably my go to, followed by lighter pastel colours like robin's egg blue - but I'm not afraid to try something I haven't seen before. When I first came across San Tan-tonio by OPI I was hesitant but quickly fell in love with the taupe qualities and the way it worked so well with my skin tone and colour palette. 

While I have nothing against Shellac and other UV/Gel nail polishes, I find the problem lies in wanting to change the colour of your nails and being forced to make a trip to the salon to have it removed and replaced hygienically. The same goes for nail art and designs - I try to keep my nails simple yet sophisticated so I never run out of options when an event, photo shoot, or change of plans comes my way. I suggest always keeping a nail file in your purse and investing in on-the-go nail wipes that can help moisturize cuticles, remove polish, and create a fresh canvas for a new shade to brighten up your day. 

- V