I've been thinking about this particular post for awhile and now that I'm trying to write it down, I find it much more challenging to package all of my thoughts onto this blank page. I'm typing this out on my Macbook downtown Toronto and it's 2:09AM on the 27th of September, 2015. Dundas west is always so quiet at night. Blogging has always been a passion of mine - in many ways we relate to others based on similar interests, but at the same time, we strive to establish networks that allow for the interaction and exchange of ideas. I'm not trying to set myself apart from the rest. Whoever you are, I'm sure we're a lot alike. I want to create a platform that allows me to be completely transparent with what's going on in my life; giving you access to what's happening in the world around me, including upcoming projects, lifestyle and entertainment features, and behind-the-scenes content that will help you better get to know Veronika Stealz.

The past few months leading up to the launch of Who Is Veronika have been exciting, overwhelming and everything in between. Having been apart of a generation that has been active on social media for nearly a decade, it's hard to ignore the reality that much of our past is documented in a blog-like arrangement that can link you to just about anyone. Privacy has always been a strong focus of mine - I feel like we live in a world where people give themselves up too easily. Maintaining a sense of mystery reinforces a certain presence, whether it be in the real or digital world, that entices people to come back for more.