I think it's safe to say that on top of making new memories, spending time with family and eating heaps of yummy food, I was spoiled rotten over the holidays. Christmas has always been a favorite holiday of mine as it feels like the only time of year when everyone can actually find time to get together. This year I spent time at home but in the past we've also done it in the islands - so weird waking up to a tropical climate mixed with decorated trees and a fake Santa. 

After investing in a new DSLR earlier this year, I realized I have everything I could ever possibly want or ask for. My family were too generous this year but it always goes a long way - my friends spoiled me too. Becca surprised me with tickets to a Raptors game in January and I was thrilled! I swear it's more of a gift I would have got for her, but there's no one else I'd rather go with.   

The holidays are hectic and NYE is right around the corner. In light of my trip to Saint Lucia on the 2nd, a bunch of us girls have agreed to go out for dinner and drinks and then kick it at home. #noboysallowed .. Fast forward to the 7th of January and I'll be flying around volcanoes and lounging on the beach for my birthdate!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I can't wait to start off my year on a clear and positive note.  Create your own headlines, don't write them for others. In 2016 I want to stay extremely focused. With that being said, I've made the decision to emphasize my commitment to fitness and getting in tune with my body and mind. I've never been a fan of the traditional way of working out (at the gym) but love taking classes, trying new things at home, and doing Hot Yoga. I wonder if I would ever have it in me to work out with the Nike Training Club? I've been looking into their training classes/schedule that you can sign up for, here. What do you think? Comment below if you're ever attended as a beginner. 

Getting back on track... NEW GOODIES! Instead of spending money on things I don't need, I decided go all out on new NIKE gear. I scored on a dope sports bra from the Bay, two pairs of tech fleece pants, a pair of black leggings, two pairs of kicks, and a tech fleece sweater. I was looking for the Nike Flash Tech pants everywhere because they are only available in men's so I had to find a small - thanks, EXCLUCITY. I also picked up a few things from the Urban Outfitters FILA collection. In other words, I'm heaps excited to rock my new gear as we finally have snow in Toronto! And I think I'm going to invest in a GO PRO. Thoughts? 

Did you get spoiled over the holidays? XO