People always ask me how I stay in shape throughout the year and I always tell them the same thing - I drink plenty of water, have been vegetarian for over a decade and exercise 5-7 days of the week. I know it might sound like a strict - and restricted - diet, but I always eat whatever I want and never really have to pay the price for it - sue me for my quick metabolism but realistically speaking, staying in shape is something that needs to be focused on religiously and starts with what you put in your body. You can peep the Living Veg section to find out more about some of the things - and places - I like to eat, but I thought I would share a quick fix i've been resorting to over the past few weeks.

It's starting to get chilly in Toronto and with the early mornings/late nights I find myself in the dark all the time! I lack serious motivation to get out of bed and get to the gym in the winter so I've been looking into ways outside of running that I can use to substitute a morning/evening workout. 

I came across XHIT Daily while scouring workout videos on YouTube and fell inlove with the way they organize and create their workout tutorials. While I am particularly interested in the Victoria Secret workouts (lol), they have full body workouts for beginners and advanced levels, videos that target specific areas and others that break-down how training should be conducted. 

I usually warm up with a full-body workout, move on to my legs, core, and finally down to the booty! Check out some of my favourites, below.